Men Teaching Children 3-11 provides a comprehensive exploration of work experiences of men who teach young children. The authors draw on their own research as well as international studies to provide realistic strategies to help to remove barriers in order to develop a more gender-balanced teacher workforce. Burn and Pratt-Adams, former primary school teachers who have both experienced these unfair gender practices, also trace the historical roots of the gender barriers that have now become embedded within the occupational culture.

Throughout Men Teaching Children 3-11, the authors argue that primary school teachers should be judged by their teaching talents, rather than by the application of biased gender stereotypes; and that male and female teachers need to work together to remove these stereotypes from the occupation.You can purchase on Amazon UK or buy an e-Book at Bloomsbury Collections

The Handbook of Gender and Education brings together leading scholars on gender and education to provide an up-to-date and broad-ranging guide to the field.

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This stimulating book sets out to critically explore the notion of men, masculinities and teaching in early childhood education. It addresses the global pattern of gender, teaching and care where men are in the minority, and explores the notion that the greater involvement of men within teaching and associated professions has the potential to transform gender relations for future generations.

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This comprehensive first of its kind guidebook explores the unique challenges that thousands of families face when raising their children. Through extensive research and interviews the authors cover gender variance from birth to college. What do you do when your daughter’s first sentence is she’s a boy? What will happen if your small son wants to wear a dress? Is this just a phase? What do therapists say? Doctors? What is gender anyway? These are just some of the topics raised and discussed, offering a deeper understanding of gender difficulties in children and teens.

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