About TMM

Men in Montessori from TMM on Vimeo.

Welcome to The Male Montessorian (TMM).

This publication project is an international collaboration to discuss the unique role male educators play in the lives of children, especially in early childhood. We discuss life and practice from the perspective of Montessori education, a child-led method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Male Montessorian was founded in January 2015, to collect the stories and defining moments in male educator's lives. We seek to explore manhood in a traditionally female profession, challenge stereotypes in childcare, and give you a glimpse of our work as men dedicated to young children.

In exploring our work in 'The Children's House', as we call Montessori classroom environments, we hope to call to light the special role that male nurturing has to offer the child. We hope to break down the gender binary as assigned to us by a culture that only sees two ways of performing gender. And, we hope to share the universal and perpetual light that illuminates our lives, the transformation potential for peace and a more unified society that is the child.

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