Welcome! The Male Montessorian (TMM) is about equality, diversity and inclusion. The Early Years  is currently a grossly gendered profession, labelled often as ‘women’s work’, and seen as an offshoot of motherhood.  At TMM, we believe that the identity of an individual has little to do with their ability to meet the needs of young children. Our aim is thus to  lift the limitations placed on individuals or groups of individuals that are based on their genders.

One specific way we choose to do this is by telling alternative stories to the dominant ones that have been told and re-told in our societies. Highlighting the voice of men who work with children plays a small part in this. However, our greater task lies in moving away from the binary, from rigid categories that seek to divide, rather than unite, to an inclusive harmonious community that seeks to understand.

This is why we believe having continual dialogues are hugely important in what we do.  With this in mind we have created a Facebook Group where these dialogues can be had. You are warmly welcome to join us and participate in whatever way you feel comfortable.

Please remember, none of us are really ‘there’. We are all in that journey to understand and learn. Hopefully, TMM will be one such space where we can create shared meanings of taking our worlds forward.

In a dialogue, however, nobody is trying to win. Everybody wins if anybody wins – David Bohm